Health and performance to meet the nutritional requirements?

Health and performance to meet the nutritional requirements?

Foods such as red meat, sausages and poor quality industrial meat provide plenty of salt, saturated fatty acids and omega 6 . We now know that too much of these nutrients can cause cardiovascular problems. Since vegetarians and vegans avoid these products they are much less affected. In addition, they consume more plants which increases their intake of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) thus promoting a better state of health. That’s why we can read many testimonials fighters who feel more enduring, stronger and less prone to injury. However, it is difficult to know whether the improvement in their performance is due to the stopping of products of animal origin or to their richer food in plants and products of better quality. Direct Sarms Australia

The proteins

A fighter needs 1 to 1.5 g of protein per kilogram per day (this can go up to 2 g for bodybuilders). But the proteins are not all equal because some are complete while others are incomplete depending on the amino acids they contain. You are lost ? Admit that you have not read the article on the basics of nutrition.

The egg is considered the best protein intake, which is good news for vegetarians. Then, apart from meat and seafood, only soy and its derivatives provide almost all the essential amino acids . But eating soy or eggs at every meal would be a bit boring and, like any excess, not necessarily good for your health.

How to do ?

It is time to address the issue of food associations. Cereals and legumes are good sources of protein but are incomplete. The good news is that cereals and legumes contain complementary amino acids. That’s why by combining these foods, our body will be able to assemble the different amino acids and cover its needs. The exotic cuisine is full of recipes that play on these associations: rice and lentils (Indian khichdi), wheat and chickpea (Maghrebian couscous, Lebanese falafel), rice and beans (Brazilian feijoada), corn and red beans / black (Mexican burrito) etc.

Vitamins and minerals

The famous vitamin B12

If you are a little bit informed about vegetarianism and especially veganism, you have already heard of vitamin B12. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system and the brain. That assimilable by our organism is found only in products of animal origin . Vegetarians must consume enough eggs and milk (camembert, emmental and gouda contain the most ) to avoid deficiencies.

A supplementation of vitamin B12 is essential for vegans. It can be found in all pharmacies or organic shops. The recommended dose is 2000 μg per week.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D serves among other things to good bone health and promotes the absorption of calcium. It has two origins: sun exposure and diet (offal, oily fish, eggs and dairy products). In countries with low exposure to the sun, especially in winter, the majority of the population has a low vitamin D deficiency, regardless of their diet. It is then necessary to take the healthy habit of exposing 10 to 15 minutes a day in the sun … it is not an excuse to spend this time with a cigarette!

No plant foods (except for small amounts of mushrooms) contain vitamin D. So, if you are not exposed to the sun, as a vegan you will have to find foods fortified with vitamin D (yogurt or soy milk, cereals, fruit juice …) or ask your doctor for taking supplements.


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