How to create a drink for sport

How to create a drink for sport

The doses are given for one hour of effort and as an indication. Each person has a different metabolism and it may take several tries before finding the drink that suits you.

500 ml of water

About 30 g of carbohydrates. You can make a mixture of glucose (50 to 75%) with fructose or sucrose (25 to 50%). These ingredients can be found on the internet, usually in powder form. If this seems too restrictive, you can use grape juice. The latter contains on average 15 g of carbohydrate per 100ml. It is found in 200ml briquette which will facilitate the preparation of the drink. In this case, deduct the amount of grape juice from the total amount of water.

A mixture of mineral salts: 300 mg of sodium, 300 mg of potassium and 56 mg of magnesium. The most important is sodium, because it is lost in large amounts by perspiration, especially if the ambient temperature is above 20 degrees. For a simple solution, use instead between 600 and 700 mg of salt that has a high sodium content .

In the case of a recovery drink, reduce the carbohydrates to 20g and the salt to 400mg and add 10g of protein (often sold in powder form commercially).

A martial arts training usually lasts between 1h30 and 2h and these ingredients constitute a very good base to start experimenting with energy drinks and to test the impacts on the performance. If you want to refine your drink, it is possible to vary its composition in mineral salts with potassium or magnesium for example or by adding vitamins of the group B or antioxidants. If you are interested in this customization, I invite you to read this excellent comparison of the energy drinks of 2018 or the one on the recovery drinks . You will find more detailed explanations about the reason for the presence of certain ingredients and the best drinks made to meet your needs in terms of quality and price.

Remember that water is suitable for the majority of efforts lasting less than an hour or practiced with moderate intensity. For combat sports, energy drinks are an option to consider in order to increase your performance in training and accelerate recovery. They can also be consumed during a competition to have the necessary energy while waiting for the fight. Peptides for ED


I wish to emphasize that the nutritional requirements that I developed are just as valid for an omnivore as for a vegetarian or a vegan. It is not because you consume meat that you should neglect these aspects. Often, it is only when a person decides to stop consuming animal products that people around him worry about their food.


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